Supporting the Main Objective are the following Ancillary Objectives;

3.1       To advance the profession of Engineering Technologists, Technicians and Craft-persons by:

3.1.1    Representing the profession on a national and international basis.

3.1.2    Liaising with the Government on all matters, including policy matters, concerning the Profession.

3.1.3    Assuring the recognition of registered professionals.

3.1.4    Enhancing the professional, technical and ethical reputation of the registered professionals.

3.1.5    Partnering with national and international entities to promote the objective of the institution

3.2       To further and promote education and training and to encourage professional development of Engineering Technologists, Technicians and Craft-persons by:

3.2.1    Liaising with educational bodies including tertiary technical educational institutions;

3.2.2    Liaising with employers and service providers.

3.2.3    Underwriting and supporting a bursary scheme for education in engineering technology.

  • Promoting and encouraging Continuous Professional Development.

3.3       To advance and uphold the dignity and status of the profession by obtaining recognition from:

3.3.1    All spheres of society beneficial to the institution;

3.3.2    Statutory bodies and Government;

  • The engineering technology stakeholders.
  • To promote research, encourage innovations and presentation of papers, on matters pertaining to engineering technology.
  • To deal with and engage in all matters concerning and relating to the profession.
  • To form such branch or branches within and outside the Republic of Kenya as may from time to time be deemed necessary.

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