Project Management

Virtual Nairobi, Kenya

➢ Modern Site Project Management approaches ➢ Bidding for projects/contracts ➢ Construction project management ➢ Financial management ➢ Strategic and leadership management

Sustainable Infrastructure


➢ Green building design ➢ Renewable materials ➢ Quality Control in Constructions. ➢ Maintenance of Road & Bridges

Smart City Planning


➢ IoT integration, sustainable development, ➢ Urban design principles. Digital twin concepts, implementation strategies, industry applications.

Structural Health Monitoring

Virtual Nairobi, Kenya

➢ Sensor Technologies, ➢ Data Records and Analysis

Renewable Energy Integration

Virtual Nairobi, Kenya

➢ Solar PV installation Techniques ➢ EPRA Licencing requirements and classes

Advancements in Engineering Technology for Sustainable Development in Kenya


➢ Resilient Infrastructure for Climate-Prone Region ➢ Renewable Energy Solutions in Agriculture ➢ Sustainable Packaging Solutions, ➢ Waste-to-Value Technologies, ➢ Circular Supply Chains. ➢ Circular Economy implementation in Kenyan Agriculture ➢ Smart Water Management Systems, ➢ Water-Efficient Irrigation Practices