Institution of Engineering Technologists and Technicians (Kenya)

Types of Memberships:

Types of membership include:

  1. Honorary Fellow-A nominated member with outstanding contribution to IET.
  2. Technologist-Msc/PhD
  3. Full Member-B.Tech/B.Phil/HND/H.Dip
  4. Corporate Member-Company/Org.
  5. Retired Member- Former Member above 65yrs
  6. Associate Member-Other related qualifications
  7. Graduate member-New graduate with no experience.
  8. Certified Engineering Technician-Diploma holder.
  9. Dully Qualified Craft people/Artisan-Certificate holder.
  10. Student Member-Student in a recognized Engineering discipline in an accredited Institution.

A register of the names and addresses of all members is available at the National Secretariat to

members for inspection during normal working hours.

Membership Acronyms:

Dully registered members are free to use the following acronyms after their official names in the

  1. Honorary Fellows- Hon FIET
  2. Fellow Members- FIET
  3. Technologist- MIET
  4. Corporate Members-COMIET
  5. Retired Members- RIET
  6. Associates- AIET
  7. Graduates- GIET
  8. Certified Engineering Technician- CET
  9. Dully Qualified Craft people/Artisan- DQC/DQA
  10. Student Member- SIET
Membership Registration:


Every bona fide Kenyan citizen in the Engineering Technology profession is eligible to apply for admission into the various categories of membership detailed in the table shown, upon payment in full of a non-refundable application fee of Kshs.1,000/=

An Expatriate wishing to register with IET shall pay a non-refundable application fee of Kshs.5,000/= for admission into the various categories of membership detailed in the table shown.

Register online by clicking HERE

All payments shall be made through the Equity Bank Ltd.; Harambee Avenue Branch, on Account Number 0240298461590. Original copies of the Bank payment slip and the completed Membership Application Form with the relevant documents and a self-addressed stamped envelope may be sent to the IET National Secretariat, P.O. Box 37046-00200 NAIROBI, or delivered to: The Technical University of Kenya in Room J13. Ensure you obtain a receipt.

On acceptance of membership the member is expected to submit a bank payment slip of the fees for the category admitted to and he/she is issued with a certificate of membership of the Institution by the Council.

Application Fees & Annual Subscriptions

Members shall pay annual contributions from time to time as follows:

S/NO MEMBERSHIP TYPE Fees(in Kenyan Shillings) REMARKS
1. Application Fees

Student- 500

Non-Student- 1000

Payable once
2. Honorary Membership
3. Fellow Member 7,000 Payable yearly
4. Technologist 4,000 Payable yearly
5. Corporate Member
6. Retired Member 2,000 Payable yearly
7. Associate Member 2,500 Payable yearly
8. Graduate Member 2,500 Payable yearly
9. Certified Engineering Technician 2,500 Payable yearly
10. Duly Qualified Craft Persons /Artisan 2,500 Payable yearly

Annual fees shall become due in advance on the first day of January of every year


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